About MEEE


Does anyone remember the first day of school when your new teacher would say,

“Now Cerena, tell me three interesting things about yourself.”

And then you completely blank on what to say because really, we’re not supposed to talk about ourselves that much. Especially not long enough to say three whole things about us, that’s absurd!!

But because this isn’t school (thank GOD) and you’re not a teacher, I will try my best not to blank. So here’s a little about me:


I’m Cerena.

Yes Cerena like the awesome tennis player excpet with a C (and alot less athletic ability).

I am currently a twenty year old college student just trying to figure out what to do with my life. I’m in my fourth semester of college. I’ve already been to three different colleges in four semsters (if you want advice on enrolling as last-minute as possible, you’ve come to the right place).

I have a slight passion for writing. I’m very close friends with Jesus Christ. I used to be pretty okay at my favorite sport, softball. I am so in love with my boyfriend/ best friend that I have been dating for three and a half years. I love love love to read books. Give me anything with chocolate in it. I am a history geek and Harry Potter enthusiast. I am very highly opinionated. I started this blog as an online journal and well here we are.

To sum it all up, I’m a weirdo who loves to write, especially from my own experiences.

And what can you find on my blog?  Well that will just depend on the day  but you can expect to read about anything from my OOTD to advice to politically charged and very opinionated discussions on current events (have you seen what the president’s been up to lately?). Maybe even dinosaurs, who knows?

But all dinosaur jokes aside, I am all about celebrating yourself. With this blog, I want to emphasize the importance of simply being yourself. Self-worth, self-esteem, and individuality are concepts so lost on us today.  Of course we need to learn to love others but perhaps more importantly, we need to learn to love ourselves.

Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

“Throw kindness around like confetti!”

(I don’t know who authored this quote but I love it).

I hope everyone stays exactly who they are because you’re awesome! But more on that later.

Stay tuned to see what I am up to 🙂

Love and hugs,


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