I Love My Job

Hey hey readers!

Let me tell you how good it feels to finally have time to write again!

I can finally share more blog posts with you and I’m so excited!

Anyway one of the main reasons I had zero time to write was because I was starting school on a new campus- Ohio University!

And also starting my new job. Even though it’s been months since that all happened, I have been way too busy ever since.

But not anymore.

Anyway I wanted to make this post about my job.

Unfortunately, I think nowadays, people have more complaints to spew about their jobs than praise.

After all, this is your livelihood; can your job get a little bit of credit?

Especially young people (me) who aren’t used to working and are basically thrust into the “adult” life full force with college and a part time job. It is hard to stay positive and it’s hard to not want to be somewhere else when you are at work.

We get it.

Because you’re not out of college yet and you don’t meet qualifications for a “good” job, the pickings for opportunities can be very slim.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

I love my job.

I’ve mentioned this before but I have aspirations to become a pharmacist one day.  I don’t know where that will take me but for now, I am working a part time job at a pharmacy.

If I am a pharmacist someday there will be A LOT to learn.

Working in the pharmacy has been really “hands on” and a very helpful addition to my college education.

Even though I am supposed to be working in a pharmacy someday, I don’t learn anything useful to that side of my career. You don’t learn anything that YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE in college (but that’s a whole nother blog post in itself).

It’s nice to be learning useful skills that I will (hopefully) use someday.

And there is always something new to learn about insurance, medications, products, etc. You can work there for 30 years and never know everything there is to know. And laws change all the time and therefore, so does our practices.

So I’m learning even when I’m not in school.

As a pharmacy technician (in training 🙂 ) you meet A LOT of people.


If any of you have ever worked in a job that involves customer service, then you know what an experience it can be.

It’s weird because I am such an optimistic person that I try very hard to see the best in people.

There are people who often say: the world is becoming a very dark place and its people are only continuing to get worse.

I mean, I do see it. I’m not going to lie- I do sometimes encounter people who act nothing but rude for no reason at all other than the fact that they can be.

But I don’t let that affect how I view the world and people as a whole because the incredibly kind and genuine people I have met and have been given the opportunity to help, outweigh the not so nice experiences.

I love getting to know people. I love the fact that I can do one small and insignificant thing in attempt to help them and in return they share incredible stories about their children, their families, their faith, their time in prison (yes that did happen once), and just the stories they want to share with the world.

It is incredible, forming relationships with strangers- remembering faces that you will see again. Every day I am reminded of what I set out to do after high school-help people. No matter what I would chose as a major, no matter what university I found myself at, no matter what career I would pursue- my end goal was always helping other people.

Health care and our individual well-being is so important and I’m so grateful to be put in a position where I can help others reach it.

And again- people always ask:

“Why do you care so much about helping random people and strangers?”

And I think it goes back to my faith because it is my belief that our fellow humans are our brothers and sisters in the eyes of Christ and therefore- even if you don’t know someone- they still deserve your respect and the help you can give them.

Again I don’t like to be negative but…

I don’t like the way our world has become essentially very selfish.

My parents and grandparents speak of a time where people knew their neighbors and members of the community and cared about them. And unfortunately, that is rare to see today and hasn’t been something I have ever really gotten the opportunity to experience.

People just don’t care about other people in the way they used to- or so I’m told.

And I know how cliché it is to say that I want to make the world a better place.

But I do.

I want to be more personable and help the people I meet in any way that I can.

This brings to mind a story that happened when I was really young- I think I was in the third grade.

My dad and I were eating at a subway in some Walmart on our way home from a basketball game. I remember this so clearly, I even remember that my hair had been braided across the front of my head because it was the first time my mom had done it that way.

While standing in line for our subs, a woman joined the line behind us, pushing her handicapped son’s wheelchair.

They were the nicest people and my dad (who talks to everyone) started talking to them. I don’t even remember what they were talking about as the woman was mostly talking to my dad.

When they left, my dad said:

“see ya later”

And then I asked him why he said he would “see them later” when they were complete strangers and he knew as well as I did, we were never going to see those people again.

And my dad just said- you say that to everyone. They are good people and our fellow Christians so we will see them later- in the kingdom of Heaven.

And I remember that to this day because it is so true. These strangers here on earth that we don’t care about , that we don’t respect, that we are so impersonal towards- they will be our neighbors, friends, our community in our forever home.

Nobody is a stranger.

And so getting to know people every single day at my work is a gift.

It makes me thirst to travel the world, see new places experience new cultures, and meet new people.

I have been given so many amazing opportunities within my young life already. I have graduated high school and was accepted into a university. Someday (hopefully) that university will give me a degree- that I was able to earn because of the opportunities that I have been given and the tools that are always readily available for me to succeed at anything I put my mind too.

But I have no intention of being selfish with these gifts.

Selfish, in every sense of the world, is using what amazing skills you’ve learned, what incredible privileges you possess for the betterment of your life only.

I have always wanted to find a way to combine ministry and healthcare in a way that helps a large amount of people. Whether this takes me to foreign countries on missionary trips or just miles from my hometown, I want to make a difference in the lives of those who were, unfortunately, not given the exact opportunities as me.

There are children who can only dream of graduating high school, can only dream of taking classes at a major university. Part of the reason I want a college education so badly (aside from the obvious reasons) is for these people who, unfortunately, are not under the same circumstances as I.

And because I am starting to repeat myself at this point, I will leave you with this:

“So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”

Romans 12:5

Though we, at times, may be selfish, these earthly people we meet on a daily basis- at school, at work, on the bus, etc- will someday be our neighbors.

So for today, let’s make them our friends.


Love and Hugs,

Cerena 🙂

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