The Happiest Place on Earth


Hey guys!

Long time, no blog.

I started this blog a little less than a year ago. It started out as a personal space to share stories, advice, lessons I’ve learned, etc… And I love sharing that with anyone who wants to read about it.

I love to write.

And the New Year inspires me, as they usually do. This year, I want to do more of what makes me happy. I want to make time for things that I love to do-like writing.

Writing/blogging/journaling/ etc.. always takes a back seat to work, school, and other life obligations. I want to make a real effort in the New Year to make time for my writing starting……


I have so much to share with you since the last time I blogged so, without further ado, lets get into this.

Because it is now 2018, I figured I should share with you guys the biggest highlight of 2017:

I got engaged!

It came as a complete surprise to me. Hunter and I have been together for almost 5 years so of course, we often talk about the future and getting married. We’ve been in love since we were sixteen and he is my literal other half. We would go back and forth about engagement which mostly ended in us deciding we were still too young for it (lol).

One day I was scrolling through twitter and I saw that a Disney account had made a tweet about Disney World with pictures of it decorated for Halloween.

I have been to the parks several times throughout my childhood, I’ve seen it decorated for christmas, after christmas, and even the summertime. However, I had never visited for Halloween and haven’t seen it decorated for that.

Jokingly I sent the pictures to Hunter and said:

“hey, we should go to Disney world for my birthday weekend since it will be decorated for Halloween”

Long story short, we ended up doing exactly that!

It was my birthday present from him- to fly to Florida for the weekend and come home on Sunday (my birthday).

He invited his older brother and his girlfriend to come with us on the trip and thank God because his girlfriend planned everything and Hunter and I would’ve been lost forever without her.

We stayed at an oceanfront hotel on Coco Beach (about 45 minutes from Disney).

There was no one around to take our picture so we accomplished this by putting my camera on Hunter’s flip flop at the edge of the sand bank ………

We spent all day Friday at the beach, the boardwalk, and the oceanside shops that have the literal cutest things in the world.

Saturday was dedicated solely to Disney world. I kid you not, we were there from 8 am (when the park opened) to 12 am (when it closed).

We rode rides, we ate food shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Everything is shaped like Mickey Mouse.

We met my favorite Disney princess ever- RAPUNZEL.

We ate inside the Beast’s Castle- in his bedroom to be exact.

We watched the fireworks and the parades.

Hunter mentioned the day before that he wanted to get our faces drawn by one of the caricature artists- which I thought was weird because normally I am the one asking him to do things like get our faces drawn and what not.

After we ate lunch, we went to get our faces drawn by this guy who, by the way, is extremely talented at what he does. Hunter sat down to be drawn first and we all just sat there for a while until his face was finished. When it was my turn, I did the same.

Even though it seemed to be taking longer than Hunter’s, I didn’t think anything of it.

The artist said it’s because women are more high maintenance than men 😦

When he finished his piece, he ripped the paper off of the easel and Hunter got down on one knee.

I couldn’t even tell you for sure what Hunter had said in that moment because I was so surprised and shocked and my face in our photos shows it.


Obviously I cried because I am a girl and crying is what I am best at.

Then, everyone in my immediate family and his who knew the whole time that he was going to do this, started texting me to congratulate me.

So naturally I cried more.

And the rest of that magical day went on.

And I think, at least until my wedding day or until I finally graduate college, that this day will have no competition at being the best day of my life and it’s all thanks to my perfect finance.

It’s so incredibly funny to me because ever since I saw an episode of Full House- you know the one where Danny proposes to his girlfriend with the fireworks at Disney World- I have wanted to get engaged there.

Disney movies mean a lot to me. I watched them all growing up. Just watching them always made me so happy- and still does.

Similarly, Disney World was a big part of my childhood. We took several family vacations there over the years. My grandparents live 20 minutes from Disney so I even have memories of visiting the parks with them. As I got older, I got the chance to compete in two baton competitions at Disney world with two of my very best friends- a.k.a. my cousin and my sister.

All in all, Disney World has such a special place in my heart and I love Hunter even more- if that was even possible- for understanding its importance to me and how it shaped my life and by making it just that much more special.

And if you’re wondering (because everyone does)- if we have a date set for our wedding- we do not. Maybe soon we will but for right now we’re just enjoying being engaged 🙂

Oh but I do know that our wedding will be Tangled themed 🙂

Love and Hugs,

Cerena 🙂

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